About us

“Professional. Affordable. Trustworthy.”

LIMPEX General Contracting Company LLC was founded in 2016 with client’s satisfaction being the most important reason that hides behind our success through a qualified staff trying our best to fulfill all the needs of our clients.

LIMPEX General Contracting Company LLC is a company that serves uniquely redefined premium cleaning services for both residential and corporate facilities. With the ever-increasing demand for professional services, we at LIMPEX are keeping pace with the latest technology in terms of using environmentally friendly Chemicals, consumables, tools & machinery.

The Difference: We clean for your health and wellbeing!

When it comes to housecleaning, you have four choices. You can do the house cleaning yourself, you can hire an individual who works on their own or a live-in maid, you can hire another cleaning service from the classifieds — or you can bring in the one that actually cleans with your health and wellbeing in mind — LIMPEX!

Our LIMPEX Cleaning System ensures that we thoroughly clean every room in your home, every visit. We clean in places you don’t even see, such as deep under beds, on top of refrigerators and in other places germs and allergens like to gather.

You’ll especially enjoy cleaner kitchens and bathrooms, where germs and bacteria can really be a problem.

Satisfied yet?

We’ll happily come back and clean any area you’re unhappy with.
That’s our 100%, satisfaction guarantee.

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